Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Portable Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20W/30W/50W with Touch Screen

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-20FM
20W/30W/50W MAX fiber laser
100*100mm marking area
Built-in lithium battery life is about 6-8 hours
Touch sceen operation



Electronic and communications products, integrated circuit chip, computer parts and electrical appliance,all kinds of precision component,  hardware tool, instrument and meter, aerospace and astronautics, jewelry, horologe, gift, office supply, trademark signs, sanitary ware, kitchen ware, plastic product, metal ornament, fastener, eyeglasses frame, , sanitary ware fittings, tableware, food, beverage and alcohol & tobacco,etc all kinds of area graph and characters’s, marking, mass production, marking clear and beautiful, never disappear. 

The portable handheld laser marking machine fills the application scenarios that cannot be achieved by desktop and handheld marking machines on the market, such as: narrow space operations, outdoor operations, backpack operations, high-altitude operations, etc. It solves the problem of marking objects that are inconvenient to move, such as batch number marking on flanges in the machinery manufacturing industry. Because they are heavy and inconvenient to move, other marking machines cannot be used to mark them, as well as molds in the metal industry. The advent of this product will push the laser marking machine industry to a new level


1.The device is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and can be used on the go. The whole machine weighs 6.4KG.

2.  It is handheld and equipped with a power adapter. The built-in lithium battery can be used outdoors and has a battery life of about 6-8 hours. The device uses red light to automatically position, eliminating the need to manually adjust the focus. It is suitable for various application scenarios and solves the need for marking inconvenient moving objects and special work.

3. Equipped with a self-developed embedded special marking system, the software uses LINUX as the operating platform, has a full Chinese interface, and is more integrated. The system is simple to operate, runs quickly, does not freeze, has flexible change methods, and is free of errors. maintain. Small size, does not take up space..

4. Adopting MAX brand 20W/25W/50W fiber laser to output laser, high electro-optic conversation rate, compact size, good quality velocity of light. The life time of  fiber laser is more than 100,000 hours, if each year working 365 days, each day working 24 hours, then the life time is more than 10 years, are the real maintenance free, saving the later period maintenance cost.

5. Multiple languages are available (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, German and other languages, other languages can also be added) Compatible with various software output files, can Marking of barcodes, QR codes, graphic texts, etc.: Supports file formats such as PLT, DXF, SVG, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc., can automatically encode and print serial numbers, batch numbers, dates, and character It is very easy to operate by arranging the size, spacing, and any rotation of the overall plane of the character group..

6. With self-start and stop function,- prolong the life of lithium battery, the life of laser and galvanometer motor is longer.

7. Red light positioning, no need to adjust focus, easier operation, clearer marking.

8. Embedded laser intelligent scanning system.

9. Pressure trackpad for easy gesture control.

10. Super desktop super terminal beyond imagination.


Whole machine material

Industrial plastic

Laser type

Fiber laser

Maximum output laser power

20W/30W/50WMAX brand

Wave length of laser


maximum pulse energy


Frequency adjustable range


Marking method

High-precision two-dimensional scanning method

Marking speed


Operation interface

Built-in 7-inch touch screen, Linux operating system

Cooling system

Built-in air cooling

Marking line type

Can be dot matrix and vector

Marking range


Positioning method

Red dot positioning

Number of lines

of marking characters

Any line within the marking range

Marking speed

600 characters/second (the specific speed is related to the product material and printing content)


Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, etc.

file format

Png, jpg, bmp, dxf, plt, svg

Barcode QR code

CODE25, CODE39, CODE49, CODE96, CODE126, CODE128, EAN13, EAN 128, PDF417, CODBAR, UPGA, UPCA_CHK, UPCE_CHK, DataMatrix,

 QRCode, etc


AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz, single phase

Maximum power


20W: 120W

30W: 150W


Machine net weight


( Lithium battery model)


(power supply type)

Continuous working time at full charge and full power

6-8 hours( Lithium battery model)

Charging time

1.5 hours( Lithium battery model)

Adapt to temperature

0-40 centigrade

ambient relative


30-85 RH(No condensation)

physical dimension


Marking type

QR code, barcode, Chinese, English, date, LOGO, pattern, etc.



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