The Solution of the Sticking Knife When Cutting ABS Board

As we all know, the ABS plate cnc machine has a very wide range of applications, which can be applied to various fields and industries, and is suitable for blanking and cutting of various materials. However, when some customers are cutting materials with low melting points such as acrylic sheets and foams, due to the high-speed rotation of the cutting machine spindle, the cutting material produces a large amount of heat energy, which causes the cut material to melt and stick to the tool, which affects the cutting process. There is a situation that when cutting materials such as copper and aluminum, the resulting chipping will also be adsorbed on the tool in a large amount, which affects the cutting process of the tool. So, how to avoid the problem of sticking knives in materials such as ABS board blanking machinists?

 When processing materials that are easy to melt, first of all, pay attention to the selection of sharp tools, which can reduce the cutting heat, and then reduce the spindle speed, which also reduces the cutting line speed and avoids the generation of cutting heat. The high feed rate shortens the time that the tool stays in the same position, reduces the cutting received by the material per unit area, and also avoids the melting of the material to be cut.

When cutting copper and aluminum metals, first improve the cooling method, and then pour butter on the material to be processed, which can avoid the generation of cutting heat, and also prevent the cutting nitrite from sticking to the tool, and then replace the sharp tool to minimize cutting. Heat, the third reduce the spindle speed of the ABS plate blanking machine, and the fourth reduce the feed speed.

 Under normal circumstances, when using ABS plate blanking machine to process, the phenomenon of sticking knife is mainly caused by the above two situations. According to the characteristics of the processing material, using different treatment methods can basically solve the problem. The occurrence of material sticking knife phenomenon!