Stone CNC Router
Stone CNC Router
1300*2500mm Heavy Duty Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-1325
5.5kw water cooling spindle
Built in stainless steel water slot cooling
4th axis rotary axis diameter 400mm
PCI NcStudio control



Mainly used for natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, tile, glass, bluestone,sandstone, crystal, microlite,mural, village tablet inscription, decoration skirting line,...such relief engraving, singlet line, character, flat pattern engraving, with rotary axis, can for stone cylinder,breast board, handrail, dragon columns,figure of Buddha...engraving.


1.Adopted strong heavy duty T type steel machine bed, strong rigidity, strong dynamics, ensuring the machine long time high speed moving and no deformation. Integrated stainless steel water slot with working table & machine body more convienient for water collection and circulation.

2.4th axis rotary axis, diameter 400mm, working length 2500mm, reduction gear transmission, for stone cylinder carving.

3.XYZ-axis adopted imported Hiwin, Taiwan linear square guide rail, high precision,fast speed and good wear resistance.

4.Heigh precision helical rack and pinion transmission for XY-axis,fast speed and powerful. Z-axis with double nut lead ball screw transmission, good weight capacity and stable moving.

5. Powerful 5.5kw water cooling spindle(ER25), easy to engraving all kinds of stone, not only fine engraving, but also the bottom smooth and clear. Bothway tools cooling system, effectively improve tools life time.

6.China famous Chuangwei stepper motor and Leadshine/Yako driver for XYZA-axis, high precision, faster speed and more stable. Dual motor and driver for Y-axis,ensuring the stable moving.

7.PCI NcStudio control system, with high precision, low noise, showing the processing path, memory function after break point and power failure.

8.Independent control cabinet, keeps the computer away from dust during working.

9.Special dustproof, waterproof device, effectively keep the transmission part cleaning and rust protection, more easy maintenance.

10. Semi-auto lubrication sysetem, more convenient and easy for whole machine lubrication.

11. Auto tool calibration, accurate and convenient for Z-axis 0 point setting.

12.Special several processing 0 point saving method.

13.Memory of break point and power failure,ensuring continue working after breaking point or next time processing.

14.Advanced file processing function, can timely correct faults, and good compatibility for Type3/Artcam/Mastercam/Caxa such file. Advanced three dimensional curve forcast algorithm, stable broken line, ensuring the curve moving speed & precision.

Effective working area


4th axis rotary axisDiameter 400mm, working length 2500mm, reduction gear transmission


Heavy duty T type steel pipe welded structure

Working table

Strong aluminum alloy T slot

Cooling system

Stainless steel water slot cooling( Integrated)

Moving type

Gantry moving

Guide rail

Linear square guide rail ( Hiwin, Taiwan)


Helical rack &pinion for X Y -axis, Lead ball screw for Z-axis

Driving mode

Stepper motor (Chuang wei) and driver (Leadshine & Yako) for XYZ-axis

Spindle motor

5.5kw water cooling, ER25

Spindle speed





AC 380V±10%, 50/60Hz, three phases 

Traveling speed


Engraving speed


Machine accuracy


Control system

PCI NcStudio

Suitable software

Artcam, Type3, Ucancam V9,etc

Carving Instructions

G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL

Running environment temperature

0-45 ºC

Relative humidity


Lubrication system


Tool calibration




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