CNC Knife CNC Cutting Machine
CNC Knife CNC Cutting Machine
Polysterfoam Charcoal CNC Pneumatic Knife Cutting Machine with Creasing Wheels/Mark Pen 1600*2500mm

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-1625V
1600*2500mm working area
CNC Pneumatic knife cutting
With creasing wheels, mark pen
RuIDa RDD6584G touch screen controller
8 zones partition aviation aluminum adsorption table with felt



UPGOAL cnc vibration knife cutting machine is widely used in cutting paper materials, automotive interior processing industry, used in the cutting processing of car seat covers, seat cushions, steering wheel grips, leather processing industry, leather cutting and punching, household fabrics, cutting of new technology materials and other industries.

Cutting materials

Cardboard, corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, leather, glass fiber, carbon fiber, fabric, self-adhesive, film, foam board, acrylic board, rubber, gasket material, clothing cloth, footwear material, luggage material, non-woven fabric, carpet, Sponge, KT board, PU, EVA, XPE, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, ETFE and composite materials.


1. With 3 kinds of tools : pneumatic knife/creasing wheels/ mark pen

2.High power pneumatic knife: the air pressure control the upper and lower high-frequency vibration blade to cut off the material,  which is suitable for cutting of multi-layers, sponge, EVA , gasket and rubber & plastics products.

3. With Creasing wheels,rolling over the material by a circular wheel creates an indentation effect on the material,and with wheels of different specifications, different indentation effects can be achieved. Advantage: can change the wheels fast.

4. With Mark pen: The system drives the pen tool to move, which can mark, write text and draw graphics on the material. Markable Materials: Most Materials.

5. Adopted famous RuiDa RDD6584G touch screen control system supports both USB and Ethernet connection, has a knife cutting controller with tool direction following control function. It integrates the processing of tools such as vibrating cutters, round cutters, milling cutters, and pressing wheels. It also integrates feeding, circular punching, and V-shaped special punching. Hole, pen processing, red light positioning and a series of functions.

6. 8 zones partition aviation aluminum adsorption table with felt (4mm thickness,imported), better for different size matrial fixing, and ensuring the machine stablity.

7. Built-in  9.0KW high pressure air cooling vacuum pump with silencer, built-in design, high adsorption ability.

8.China DORNA 750W servo motor  driver for XYZ-axis and  100W Panasonic Japan servo motor driver fo rBADC-axis,, ensuring the processing speed & precision.

9. Imported original PMI, Taiwan Linear square guide rail with ball bearing slide block which ensure high weight capacity,  high precision, smooth and steady running. Adopt WMH brand, Herion helical gears pinion and rack transmission for X and Y axis, higher running speed and efficiency, and more durable.

10With anti-collision safety switch 4 sets

11. Semi-auto lubrication

12. The cutting efficiency is high, the surface is smooth and flat, which greatly saves costs

13. A variety of tool heads(Vibrating knife, high-power round knife, punching knife, pneumatic knife, multi-layer knife, drag knife, half cutter, bevel cutter, milling cutter, etc. all can be installed), quick replacement to adapt to different materials

14. Convenient output, high-speed cutting, rapid prototyping, intelligent typesetting, saving materials

15. Supports multiple formats such as DXF, PLT, HPGl, etc., without cutting tools, saving manpower and material resources, and simplifying the work process.

16. Improve the cutting speed and efficiency, and provide strong support for high-speed cutting of the electric vibrating knife with a frequency of up to 25,000 times/min, up to 1000mm/s.

17. Smooth operation, fine and smooth incision, powerful function, can effectively solve various problems such as proofing.

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Effective cutting area   


Working table

Fixed aluminum adsorption vacuum working table with  adsorption felt( imported)

Material fixed method

Vacuum partition suction system,8 zones

Cutting head


Pneumatic knife Cutting head

amplitude is 5.-8mm, working pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Creasing wheels

With, CLT

Mark pen

With, CLT

Control system

RuiDa RDD6584G(EC) touch screen control system

Cutting software

RuiDa VcutWorks( supports WLAN cable & USB cable)

Cutting speed

0-1,500mm/s(according to different cutting materials)

Cutting thickness


Cutting accuracy


Drive system


China DORNA 750W servo motor driver for XYZ-axis and 

400W 100W Panasonic Japan servo motor driver for DCBA- axis

Guide rail

Original PMI, Taiwan, linear square guide rail, diameter 20mm

Transmission system

Original Helical rack and pinion transmission(WMH brand, Herion)

Vacuum pump

Air cooling, 1set, 9.0KW, with silencer, built-in

Safety device

Anti-collision system( 4 sets)

Graphic format supported

PLT, DXF, AI, etc.




AC220V ±10%50/60Hz, single phase or

AC380V ±10%50/60Hz, three phases


 Cutting bits-10pcs, USB cables, switches-2pcs, limit sensor-1, long life(5pcs), short knife( 15pcs), belt(1pc), anti-collision sensor(1pc), etc



1060 400.jpg

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