Large Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
Large Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
Dual Heads 150W & 90W Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-1525L-2
Double laser heads
1420*2500mm working area for each head
Reci W8 150W+Reci W2 90W Co2 laser tube
Auto lifting Table
RuiDa 6445G controller



Application Industry: Model Field(Construction Model,Aviation navigation model, wooden toys), advertising filed,decorative and decorating, craft gift industry, electronic, garments and leather industry, art glass industry, art glass industry,computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry.

Main Cutting Materials: Acrylic, density board(MDF), double-color board, paper, plastic, rubber, cloth, wool, crystal, bamboo products, wooden products, etc

Materials Can work With: Organic glass, acrylic board (the paulownia,  lightwood), bamboo products, Double-color board, paper, leather, ceramics, textiles, crystal, jade, coconut shells, horn, resin animal sebum, ABS plate, lamp shade and other non-metallic materials.


Laser Head

Newly design, More in according with mechanical engineering. Safe and durable. Simple Operation with high engraving/cutting speed and high laser power convert ratio.Equipped with dual laser head, A1 with big power good for thick material cutting, A2 with low power for fine engraving works, much improve working precision & efficiency.

Laser Tube

Adopted famous Reci W8 150W and Reci W2 90W dual Co2 laser tube, long time time and stable using.

Working Table

Knife Strip Table:  With oxidation treatment and low reflection ratio Ensured cutting quality

Automatic lifting table:Mwith 280mm up-down distance for thick material and rotary device working

Beam Path System

Adopting imported focus lens with high luminousness and mirror with high relativity ensure stable power transference.

Motion System

Imported High precision, low friction force and stand wear andTaiwan CSK linear guide rails and blocks with 3M belt ensured stable transmission, lower noise

Operation System

Advanced USB port RuiDa 6445G control system with large inner memory device and Fast curve cutting and Optimized shortest path function, Greatly improved the working efficiency .

With full-process automatic laser power attenuation compensation , ensuring the performance consistency of engraving/cutting. The High speed motion control program with pre-buffering function enhances productivity more.

Completely compatible with various CAD&CAM softwares such as AuotCAD, CorelDAW, supporting the designs directly exporting. With advanced Color management and defining the working turns with different colors , All or a part work can done in one time.

Rationalized placement of the electronic parts. Optimized heat dissipation effect.

Cooling System

Teyu industrial chiller CW-5200, ensuring the laser tube long time continus working

Rotary axis

Roller type for cylinder engraving, no dimaeter limitation, sepcially for goblet engraving

Effective working area of each head


Laser Type

Co2 sealed-off laser tube

Laser tube power

A1:Reci W8 150W

A2: Reci W2 90W

Working table

Knife strip working table

Automatic lifting table

Up and down 280mm

Driver mode

3 phases stepper motor and driver, Yako brand

Guide rail

Linear square guide rail ( CSK,Taiwan)


Belt transmission(30-HTD3M)

Control panel


Laser output control

1-100% software setting

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Control system

RuiDa RDC6445G

Control software

RDWorks V8

Wifi connection


Design software when delivery


Control panel

DSP offline

Resolution accuracy

< 0.01mm

Location precision

< 0.01mm

Highest scanning accuracy


Type of cooling

Industrial chiller CW-5200 cooling(Teyu)

Water protection system



Automatic focusing


Infrared positioning

Blow-off system

Air pump (138W)for the laser head

Air blower (550W*2sets) for the machine

Working temperature

0-45 °C

Operating humidity

5-95% (without condensed water)

Supporting picture format



AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz, single phase 



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