Plasma Cutting Drilling Machine
Plasma Cutting Drilling Machine
Dismountable 1300*1300mm Small CNC Plama Cutting Machine 65A

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-1313P
1300*1300mm/4*4feet cutting area
65A Hypertherm plasma power supply
10mm cutting ability
Water table
STARFIRE Controller
Microstep THC



Suitable for nonferrous metal sheet, stainless steel plate, carbon plate,  aluminum plate, galvanized plate, white steel plate, titanium plate, etc materials automatic cutting.

Application: Metal processing, machine manufacturing, auto spare parts, ventilate environment protection, steel structure shipbuilding electrical product’s shell processing, advertisements and signs, decoration, iron art garden, auto making, ship’s electrical parts& plates cutting.


CNC plasma cutting machine has solved problem for follow-up processing for small holes after cutting plates, economic, energy conservation and environment protection, high improve the working efficiency, lowing the processing cost, has the ability of combine machining, fully effective the machine performance..


CNC Control system(STARFIRE control system)

1. LCD, English display. Has the notes of each operation button on the bottom of displayer in time, so just needs short training, then the buyer can do independent operation, more convenient and easy to use.

2. Powerful anti-interference ability, moving stable and convenient.

3. With cutting compensation function, setting the required workpiece size in computer, nesting and output, can adjust the slotting size in the control system according to needs, easy and efficient operation.

4. Memory function after power failure and break point, no matter power failure or arc breaking during cutting, all can continue go forwarder or back-off following the cutting track.

THC( Torch Height Controller, Microstep, China)

1. With high sensitivity THC, auto adjusting the best cutting distance, ensuring the workpiece accurately cutting. 

2. The torch has auto torch height controller, during cutting, the torch always keeps the same distance with the plate, extend the nozzle's life time, and get the high quality cutting effect.

3. Good anti jamming capability, stable performance.


1. Z-axis is lead ball screw transmission type, high speed, convenient maintenance,suitable for all kinds thickness of plates.

2. Can auto adjust the cutting distance for uneven plate, ensuring the same distance between the torch with plate, ensuring the cutting quality.

3. Special torch height controller can prevent the torch crash the plates effectively, protect the torch and long time using.

4. With anti-collision device, during the cutting, if torch crash accidentally, the machine will stop immediately, avoiding breaking the machine and thin plates is whiled away due to the cocking.

5. With infrared positioning system for cutting Z-axis

Motor & Drive

1. Adopting China famous Leadshine brand stepper motor and driver, stable performance, high response speed, good anti jamming capability.

2. All the machine's signal wire is high flexible shielded wire, heat resistant, low temperature resistant, bend resistant.

3. Control signal uses 24V voltage, with famous brand switch power supply.

Machine bed part

1. The whole machine bed adopts welded steel structure and then precision-machined, whole tempering, fully eliminate welding stress, stable and reliable performance. Heavy square ssteel tube welded gantry, improving stablity & moving precision.

2. Dual driving for Y-axis, XY-axis adopts high precision linear square guide rail, Hiwin, Taiwan, good oriented, high precision. Transmission is high precision helical rack and pinion, customized by the specialized manufacturer, surface carburizing quench, stable moving and high precision.

3. Dust proof system on the gantry, effectively prevent the dust going into guide rail and rack during cutting, extend the machine life time, also make machine more beauty.

4Special water table, after metal cutting, cooling with water, eliminate smoke.

5. Tool type cutting blade with feeding wheel, better for cutting.

6. Dismountable machine legs, easy for delivery and save shipping cost 

Nesting Software

1. Austria FastCAM automatic programming and nesting software

2. Auto programming, parts generated and nesting softare professionally drawing and cutting control With the post processor for graphic transformation and nesting.

3. Realizing the edge-shared nested during cutting, saving time and materials.

Plasma Power Supply

Adopting USA Hypertherm powermax 65A plasma plasma supply, cutting ability 0-10mm.

Cutting width


Cutting length


Control system

STARFIRE (USB interface Offline control system)

THC system

Torch height control system( Microstep, China)

Plasma power supply

Hyperterm powermax 65A, USA

Cutting thickness


Traveling speed


Cutting speed

Adjusted according to material's thickness

Working table

Tooth type cutting blade with water tables

Guide rail

Linear square guide rail ( Hiwin, Taiwan, #20)


XY-axis is with helical rack and pinion, lead ball screw for Z-axis

Driving system

Stepper motor and driver(Leadshine, China)

Positioning system


Anti-collision system


Power supply

AC 380V±10%, 50/60Hz, three phases



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