Cutting Method of Plasma Cutting Machine

Until now, the adopted working gas for plasma cutting machine has the obvious influence for plasma cutting machine’s arc cutting performance, cutting ability and speed. The frequently-used plasma arc gas are argon , hydrogen, nitrogen, air and water vapour and some mixed gas.


Plasma cutting machine is widely used in the auto, engine, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, nuke industry, general machinery, construction machinery, steel structure, etc.


Plasma cutting machine matched with different working gas can cut all kinds of metal which the oxygen can’t cut, especially, for the nonferrous metals( stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel. Its main features is that when cutting not thickness metal, the plasma cutting machine speed is fast, especially cutting common thin carbon steel, the speed is 5~6 times of oxygen cutting machine, with smooth cutting edge, small thermal deformation, and no heat affected zone.


Getting the plasma from vapour for thickness more than 0.3mm metal heat processing method ( cutting, fusion welding, brazing, quench, spraying, ect)  is safe, easy, effective, multifunctional, and environmental,that is pioneer in the metal processing industry history!