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ATC CNC Router
New! Disc Auto Tool Changing CNC Engraving Cutting Machine with SYNTEC System

Brief Introduction:

Disc type
12 pcs tools changing
SYNTEC Taiwan control system
SYNTEC servo motor and driver
Vacuum system & dust collector



Woodworking industry: three-dimensional waved plate, cabinet door, craft door, overlaid wood composite door, screen, solid wood door, craft casement window, etc, such furniture product milling and engraving, also for shoe-cleaning machine, game machine cabinet and panel, mahjong table, computer table and auxiliary processing of panel furniture,mainly used for cabinet door, solid wood furniture, also can for MDF cutting & processing.


1.Whole machine is welded by steel structure, with tempering aging treatment, no distortion, long time using.

2.Disc type auto tool changer system, total 12 pcs bits in the tool magazine, only 8 seconds to change bits, can change the needed bits intelligently, saving bits changing time, improving efficiency.

3.SYNTEC 6MB Taiwan high performance industrial control system, intelligent controlling, has the protection function for beyond the working table, avoiding the mechanical collision due to the larger designed layout. Intelligent control the speed, can control the processing speed severally, truly improve the processing efficiency and lengthen the tools life time, increase the rate of finished products. Can do multi layer 3D processing, fast and smooth do three-dimensional processing, engraving and cutting.

4.Separates control keyboard operation: brief, convenient and easy to learn, great independence.

5. Adopted with China famous 9.0KW ATC air cooling spindle, high precision, low noise, high RPM, long life time , and stable moving.

6. Powerful YASKAWA Japan 850W servo motor and driver for XYZ-axis, suitable all kinds of heavy solid wood engraving and cutting, high precision and fast speed.

7. Linear square guide rail, Hiwin, Taiwan, dia 30mm for XYZ-axis, double raw four columns, good weight capacity, stable moving and ensuring the precision. 

8. Vacuum adsorption and dust collection systemvacuum adsorption table, adopted bakelite table, high density, no deformation and high adsorption, can for different size materials adsorption, saving time compared the traditional mechanical plate fixing, the vacuum pump can choose oil-less vacuum pump to solve water cooling vacuum pump changing water issue in the frigid weather; Dust collector helps to suck the dust, milling dust, saw dust during processing, keeping the working table cleaning and ensuring the machine long time using.

9.Advanced file processing function, can timely correct faults, and good compatibility forType3/Artcam/Mastercam/Caxa such file. Advanced three dimensional curve forcast algorithm, stable broken line, ensuring the curve moving speed & precision.

10. Memory function after power failure and break point, can auto back to zero point and correct the faults, ensuring the precision for long time working and saving materials.

    Effective working area



    More thickness steel pipe welded machine holder bed, cast iron gantry

    Working table

    Vacuum table with aluminum T slot working table

    Moving type

    Gantry moving

    Guide rail

    Linear square guide rail ( Hiwin, Taiwan)


    Helical rack &pinion for X Y -axis, Lead ball screw for Z-axis

    Driving mode

    SYNTEC Taiwan servo motor and driver for XYZ-axis

    Spindle motor

    9.0KW China Changsheng HSD ATC spindle

    Spindle speed


    Tools changing method&

    changing ability

    Disc auto tool changer

    12 pcs


    Delta, Taiwan


    AC 380V+ 10%, 50/60Hz, three phases

    Maximum traveling speed


    Machine accuracy


    Control system

    SYNTEC control system( Taiwan)

    Hand wheel

    SYNTEC HPG( hand pulse generator)

    Suitable software

    Artcam, Type3, Ucancam V9,etc

    Carving Instructions

    G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL

    Running environment temperature

    0-45 ℃

    Relative humidity


    Dedusting device

    Dust collector

    Lubrication system


    Tool calibration





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