Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
50W Metal Materials Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Smoke Purifier

Brief Introduction:

Model: UG-50FM
RayCus 50W fiber laser
200*200mm marking area
Smoke purifier 100W
Original EzCad controller



Electronic and communications products, integrated circuit chip, computer parts and electrical appliance,all kinds of precision component,  hardware tool, instrument and meter, aerospace and astronautics, jewelry, horologe, gift, office supply, trademark signs, sanitary ware, kitchen ware, plastic product, metal ornament, fastener, eyeglasses frame, , sanitary ware fittings, tableware, food, beverage and alcohol & tobacco,etc all kinds of area graph and characters’s, marking, mass production, marking clear and beautiful, never disappear. 


1. Adopting fiber laser to output laser, high electro-optic conversation rate, compact size, good quality velocity of light. The life time of Raycus 20W/30W/50W fiber laser is more than 100,000 hours, if each year working 365 days, each day working 24 hours, then the life time is more than 10 years, are the real maintenance free, saving the later period maintenance cost.

2. With Famous SINO-GALVO 2206 serious galvanometer  &  Wavelength brand, F-THETA scanning lengthFiber laser marking machine has good facula mode, more thin single line, suitable for hyperfine processing, high system integration, less malfunction, are the real suitable for industrial processing area.

3. Original EzCad controller, Can for bar code, graph, characters, OR code, ect marking, supporting PLT, DXF, BMP such format, can useSHC, TTF word stock; System can auto encoding, auto marking serial number, batch number, and date, ect.

4. No consumable, low power consumption, whole air cooling, no need water cooling, total machine power less than 1000W.

5. Not influenced by severe environment and bag weather, can continue working with accumulator when power failure. 

6. One piece design of control cabinet and marking table, small cover area. 

7. High perpendicularity of lifting device and marking table, suitable for small workpiece fine marking. 

8. Double red dot positioning , no need meausre the material with focus rulter, conveineint for operation.

9. Marked graph and characters is permanent , will not regression due to friction.

10.Equipped with smoke purifier( Conyson brand, 100W), with 3 layers purification, net filtration: 0.3um99.99%, the universal slub tube can be bent and adjusted at 360 degrees at will, with good supporting effect, high temperature resistance, good airtightness, and resistance to aging. High temperature resistant silicone cover, air volume regulating valve, large smoking area, good effect. Smart chip, block alarm. 

11. Optional Lenovo English windows 7/10 desktop computer

12. Optipnal rotary axis for cylinder marking

Maximum output laser power

50W, Raycus

Wave length of laser


Marking scope


Laser sources

Fiber module

Laser Head

High speed scanning head

The minimum focus facula diameter


Minimal character


Control system

Original Ez cad controller with USB port

Marking depth

0.01-5mm( depends on different materials)

Marking line width


Marking speed


Laser repetition frequency


Cooling method

Force-air Cooling

Smoke purifier

Conyson brand, 100W, with 3 layers purification, net filtration: 0.3um99.99%

Power supply

AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz, single phase

Support format


Process Material

All kinds of metal and part of Non-metal Materials



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